Why isn’t my homebridge config.json working?

So you’ve managed to get your homebridge system up and running. You’ve added some accessories and devices but suddenly your homebridge is failing to launch!  I’ve had this issue a few times and it’s always down to an incorrectly formatted config.json file. This post will be pretty obvious to veteran developers but for beginners it can be a real pain.. Continue reading Why isn’t my homebridge config.json working?

How to add Nest devices to Homebridge

March 2020 – Google accounts are now required for Nest devices. This guide will not work. Ill leave it up for posterity though.

Nest products are becoming even more popular. I myself have a Nest thermostat and looking into getting some of their indoor cameras to act as a baby monitor as my daughter is old enough to be unleashed into her room without cot bars keeping her safe.

With the myriad of applications required to control all your home automation devices the idea of Apple Homekit is an intriguing one. It enables you to have everything in one place, accessible quickly. Alas, not everything is supported by Apple’s Homekit including Nest.. Continue reading How to add Nest devices to Homebridge