How to use LightwaveRF with Homebridge

My setup at home consists of various home automation devices. But the majority of my home lighting and power control is done by LightwaveRF. In my opinion this is one of the best options out there for somebody wanting to automate their home lighting and power. Their sockets and switches look excellent and don’t rely on massive plugged in devices (unless you opt for those). Continue reading How to use LightwaveRF with Homebridge

LightwaveRF Dimmers and LEDS

LightwaveRF is a brilliant system for getting into home automation. It enables you to install their wireless (RF) transmitting switches in place of your normal light switches and plug sockets and offer control from your phone/laptop etc. I much prefer these units over others on the market as they give a very nice premium look especially in their stainless steel finishes.

Lightwave RF light switches are always dimmers. Unfortunately (yet) they don’t offer a straight “switch” and because of this it can cause some issues if you’re planning to use them with LED bulbs. I’ve had the chance to test a few and would like to offer my conclusions along with some information. Continue reading LightwaveRF Dimmers and LEDS