How to Install NodeJS and Homebridge

Apple Homekit was a promise by Apple to bring all your home automation equipment together under one app. Unfortunately the adoption of homekit from other manufacturers has been almost glacial in speed from either development costs or licensing costs or the desire for their end user to only use their App! All this achieves is forcing users to have an app for almost every device they own. Want to turn on your TV? Turn on your lights? Set your thermostat? that will be 3 different apps and time spent navigating them.

Fortunately there is an answer. Homebridge is designed to “bridge” the gap between Apple’s Homekit and your devices which don’t natively support them. So what we waiting for? Continue reading How to Install NodeJS and Homebridge

Installing Pihole Adblocker on Ubuntu 16.04

If you’ve used the internet before… I’m sure you are sick of all the invasive advertising which is creeping it’s way onto most websites these days. But not just that, all the tracking! You know what i’m talking about. You’re talking to your mate Steve about buying the new tyre-ripper3000 on facebook messenger and the next minute you start seeing adverts for the same bloody thing!

You can install a browser adblocker but they aren’t the best solution. There are better options such as whole network level ad blocking on your Laptop, PC, Phone, Tablet. Anything. All without the need to install various clients on each device and it’s free too. Continue reading Installing Pihole Adblocker on Ubuntu 16.04

Installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine

Although most of my ramblings on here which will serve as a “backup” so i can remember how to fix things when i inevitably break something relating to my setup which is a Freenas device this particular guide will work when installing Ubuntu 16.04 server on any pc/server/laptop.

Ubuntu is my favorite distro of linux so far, although i’ve not used many and don’t have the brain capacity needed to remember Continue reading Installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine

Set up a Virtual Machine on your Freenas Device

If, like me you are using a Freenas box to keep all your illegally downloaded movies on (not really, honestly reader..) then you’ve probably realised that it can do much more than just host your cherished copies of Friends and Hentai (weird)

It can also host various VM’s (virtual machines) depending on the spec you’ve built your box this could range from 1 to 100 unique machines. Some of the hardcore elite would suggest using an EXSI Hypervisor for this. Continue reading Set up a Virtual Machine on your Freenas Device