How to use the Homebridge Unraid Docker

Time’s have changed.  No longer are masses of virtual machines (or physical devices, such as raspberryPi) required. I’ve recently been introduced to the NAS (oh it’s so much more) software called Unraid.

Unraid allows you not only to run a NAS for your storage but also run “Dockers” or tiny virtual machine images which deploy in seconds. Developers have created thousands of these Dockers and you can usually find one which will work for you. Continue reading How to use the Homebridge Unraid Docker

How to use LightwaveRF with Homebridge

My setup at home consists of various home automation devices. But the majority of my home lighting and power control is done by LightwaveRF. In my opinion this is one of the best options out there for somebody wanting to automate their home lighting and power. Their sockets and switches look excellent and don’t rely on massive plugged in devices (unless you opt for those). Continue reading How to use LightwaveRF with Homebridge

How to pair your homebridge server with lightwave link

If you’ve followed all my previous tutorials there is one step left to get your installation of homebridge communicating with your lightwaveRF link controller.

I’ve broken these articles up into smaller sections otherwise it can be information overload while trying to work along at home. Continue reading How to pair your homebridge server with lightwave link

Why isn’t my homebridge config.json working?

So you’ve managed to get your homebridge system up and running. You’ve added some accessories and devices but suddenly your homebridge is failing to launch!  I’ve had this issue a few times and it’s always down to an incorrectly formatted config.json file. This post will be pretty obvious to veteran developers but for beginners it can be a real pain.. Continue reading Why isn’t my homebridge config.json working?

How to Install NodeJS and Homebridge

Apple Homekit was a promise by Apple to bring all your home automation equipment together under one app. Unfortunately the adoption of homekit from other manufacturers has been almost glacial in speed from either development costs or licensing costs or the desire for their end user to only use their App! All this achieves is forcing users to have an app for almost every device they own. Want to turn on your TV? Turn on your lights? Set your thermostat? that will be 3 different apps and time spent navigating them.

Fortunately there is an answer. Homebridge is designed to “bridge” the gap between Apple’s Homekit and your devices which don’t natively support them. So what we waiting for? Continue reading How to Install NodeJS and Homebridge

How to add Nest devices to Homebridge

March 2020 – Google accounts are now required for Nest devices. This guide will not work. Ill leave it up for posterity though.

Nest products are becoming even more popular. I myself have a Nest thermostat and looking into getting some of their indoor cameras to act as a baby monitor as my daughter is old enough to be unleashed into her room without cot bars keeping her safe.

With the myriad of applications required to control all your home automation devices the idea of Apple Homekit is an intriguing one. It enables you to have everything in one place, accessible quickly. Alas, not everything is supported by Apple’s Homekit including Nest.. Continue reading How to add Nest devices to Homebridge

LightwaveRF Dimmers and LEDS

LightwaveRF is a brilliant system for getting into home automation. It enables you to install their wireless (RF) transmitting switches in place of your normal light switches and plug sockets and offer control from your phone/laptop etc. I much prefer these units over others on the market as they give a very nice premium look especially in their stainless steel finishes.

Lightwave RF light switches are always dimmers. Unfortunately (yet) they don’t offer a straight “switch” and because of this it can cause some issues if you’re planning to use them with LED bulbs. I’ve had the chance to test a few and would like to offer my conclusions along with some information. Continue reading LightwaveRF Dimmers and LEDS

Installing Pihole Adblocker on Ubuntu 16.04

If you’ve used the internet before… I’m sure you are sick of all the invasive advertising which is creeping it’s way onto most websites these days. But not just that, all the tracking! You know what i’m talking about. You’re talking to your mate Steve about buying the new tyre-ripper3000 on facebook messenger and the next minute you start seeing adverts for the same bloody thing!

You can install a browser adblocker but they aren’t the best solution. There are better options such as whole network level ad blocking on your Laptop, PC, Phone, Tablet. Anything. All without the need to install various clients on each device and it’s free too. Continue reading Installing Pihole Adblocker on Ubuntu 16.04

Installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine

Although most of my ramblings on here which will serve as a “backup” so i can remember how to fix things when i inevitably break something relating to my setup which is a Freenas device this particular guide will work when installing Ubuntu 16.04 server on any pc/server/laptop.

Ubuntu is my favorite distro of linux so far, although i’ve not used many and don’t have the brain capacity needed to remember Continue reading Installing Ubuntu on a virtual machine